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School of the Arts and Communication Curriculum Committee Bylaws

A. Membership

  1. Composition
    1. The committee shall consist of one faculty members from each department.
    2. The Dean and the Dean’s designees shall be ex-officio members.
  2. Method of Selection
    1. Each department/program shall select two members to serve on the committee by vote or by designation of the department chair except IMM and JPW with one member. Terms of service shall be three years.

3.  Committee Chair

A committee chair will be elected by voting members of the committee at the first meeting of the academic year. The chair must be a faculty member with full or joint appointment within the School of the Arts and Communication. It is recommended that the Chair have previous experience serving on the Curriculum Committee. The term for the chair will be one year.

a. The duties of the Committee Chair are to ensure that the by-laws of the Committee are followed at each step of the curriculum process to facilitate any debate on any issue presented to the Committee.

b. The Committee Chair will be eligible to vote or to participate in the debate on any issue before the Committee.

B. Authority and Responsibilities

  1. General
    The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the School and faculty on all curricular matters.
  2. Curriculum Requests
    The committee shall examine carefully and recommend approval or disapproval on all matters dealing with:

    1. Establishing new courses
    2. Revising existing courses
    3. Establishing or changing prerequisites for courses
    4. Course description
    5. Curriculum changes
    6. Courses and Curricula of Proposed New Degrees

Original By-laws were unanimously approved 11-03-06 Revised – 10-15-08
Revised – 09/28/11
Revised – 9/14/16